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  1. What talent!!! On accident, I woke up this morning around 6:30 and was like OMG, let me get the shower. It’s time to go to work. Then I started to laugh because I realized it is not Monday yet as started my shower water. So as I sat on the couch, flipping the channels like normal and I just passed Good Morning SA and I saw your beautiful face and heard your amazing voice. I always see you at work and have never officaly met you, but you always smile and say hello. Congrats on all your successes!!!

  2. Cristal,

    So great to hear and meet you tonight at the Medical/Lawyer breast cancer fundraiser. I read your bio sketch…and whoever wrote it..totally nailed you. You are beautiful, inside and out and God has blessed you with such a gift. Would love to hear more about your training. Also, I will be more than happy to share your name with anyone who wants a great singer! A real privilege to meet you, my little sister in Christ! You are awesome!



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